Copyleft Statement

Everything copyright 2016-2023 Here’s what that means.

I don’t believe in private property and I am skeptical of the idea that anything is really new. This makes it a bit weird to have a copyright statement, but because I live in the real world I’ll try to reconcile this tension.

  • I will try my best to cite everything I can. Of course, everything I write is going to be some kind of synthesis of my experiences, conversations, and education, so it’s inevitable that I’ll draw from ideas that I did not invent from scratch (I didn’t invent the English language, for starters). It’s also possible that I’ll independently come up with ideas that someone else came up with before. If you think there’s something I should have cited or linked to, please let me know and I’ll probably link to it.
  • I won’t charge you for quoting me, but if you quote or reproduce long excerpts from my writings, I ask that you make your derivative work also freely available (like copyleft software).
  • If you quote me or otherwise feel like this blog has made a worthwhile contribution to your life, please do cite me and link here so others can see the source and interact with me if they have questions or suggestions around it.

Tl;dr: I don’t own this and you don’t either. Basically public domain but please cite what you use. I reserve the right to hold you to copyleft standards if you’re quoting long excerpts, not because I own the words or ideas, but because that’s a legal tactic I can use to promote my anti-capitalist agenda.