The anarcho-catdog’s prayer

The Lord is our shepherd, but we are cats.

You made us to lie down in green pastures, but we tragedy’d them.

You created us a Sheepdog in the image of our Kings, but we bourgeois revolution’d that monarchy.

You created us a Trinity in the image of our families, but we Oedipalized it: We killed the Father and married our own patriarchal spirit to the Church-as-wife.

The bastardized Church cast its own children out.

But our Mother who art in heaven still loves us, like a dyke loves her pet cats.

Like dogs, we know we’re indebted to others for our daily bread, and we want to be Good Boys who earn it.

But like cats, we have our dignity – we refuse to grovel for it.

So please don’t take us to court or send us to debtor’s prison, but deliver us from scarcity myths.

For Divine is the garden, love is abundant, and there’s plenty of bread and roses for all of us forever.


All dogs, no masters

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